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FAQ for recruiters

My contact details are listed on the Contact page. This article answers common questions from recruitment process.

  • I really appreciate when the first message from the recruiter defines experience expectations and salary range. This saves time for both sides.
  • For the foreseeable future, I’m interested only in employment contract / Umowa o Pracę. Moreover, in Poland there is no such thing as B2B employment. Please review Art. 22 § 1.2 KP and Art. 281. KP.
  • While I value in-person communication and team integration, COVID-19 pandemic proven remote work in IT works.
    • Therefore, I’m not considering any companies that would strictly require presence in the office more than once per month.
    • By that I mean I intend to visit offices close to where I live once every week and distant ones - every 2-4 weeks.
    • However, if your company is not going to accept the fact on some weeks I may have work that requires high focus, or I may not be in the mood to come to the office and yet still perform as usual - that won’t be a match.
    • When employer has strict policy on office attendance, work is remote and the nearest office is distant (e.g. over 2hrs long travel), then business travel expenses reimbursement is expected or calculated into salary.
  • I strongly value flexible working time that allows to concentrate high focus work time when employees have their peak performance.
    • This does not mean I reject the need for fixed time window designed for meetings, rather indicates that sometimes my productivity is highest during evening hours.
  • I’m not interested in positions that would involve maintaining Windows Server, SQL Server or any other Microsoft business applications for more than 10% of a typical working month.
  • Screening quizzes/tests and “homework” assignments are good. Lack of proper technical verification and wasted time are awful.
  • However, I positively reject all companies that use “psychological” assessments using online quizes that are just the next iteration of personality test if there’s no real scientific (and yes, psychology is science as well) peer-reviewed research behind it.
    • When lack of scientific approach is taken away I find most of such tests being non-inclusive or even downright exclusive by not really taking neurodiversity into account, especially when hiring into industry that is composed mostly of neurodiverse employees and (in my opinion) there’s no other way, as computers require specific mindset from their users.
    • Moreover, attempts to reduce bias by employing AI and ML are futile, as those models will still be biased by their initial creators.
  • Different companies have different job titles. I don’t care if I’m hired as “junior engineer” after working as “senior engineer” in previous company, as long as I’m growing and money is good.
  • Different companies have different approaches to various parts of IT, especially when comparing startup with corporation. Please don’t assume my experience with technology X means I know everything about all related components.
  • My notice period is standard on employment contract for my working period (as visible on Professional experience page). As of November 2022 it is 1 month.