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Some of my advantages include:

  • being a constant learner: I’m excellent at identifying what I don’t know and how to find the answers I need, so lack of knowledge or experience in technology required in a project is only another opportunity to learn
  • taking pride in my engineering work: I always try to deliver the best quality product (e.g. code, infrastructure, documentation, advice) in the best possible way; obviously, that is not always possible, but when a tradeoff is necessary, it must always be understood and justified
  • desire to automate: automation not only means I have more time for creative and interesting work, it also documents the process and makes it repeatable safely
  • experience with product management and customer relationships: I have a lot of experience with internal customers, as well as some with external customers, from times when I worked as a freelance web developer
  • experience with incident management: on every stage of my career I was developing monitoring solutions, coordinating incidents (calls, status updates, gathering SMEs), leading blameless post-mortem sessions and preparing RCA documents (both internal technical ones and for external customers)
  • understanding of multilayer nature of computer systems: nowadays, it seems quite rare for engineer to be touching and having at least basic understanding multiple layers of computer systems (including physical entities, operating systems, networks, middleware protocols and applications themselves); to me this is vital part of work