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Platform Operations Engineer, Akamai Technologies

Basic info:
  • Start: 2016-07-01
  • End: 2019-04-30
  • Location: Kraków, Poland
  • Company: Akamai Technologies
  • Team: Network Operations Command Center
  • Position: Platform Operations Engineer
  • The core of responsibilities at this position is quick response to real-time incidents and alerts covering all aspects of Akamai global network in “firefighting” mode and problem resolution at later stages that include routine maintenance tasks and investigations in cooperation with SMEs.
  • More advanced topics I worked on as I gained experience included planned network maintenances (remote switch-overs, safety checks etc.), more in-depth issue analysis, communication with various vendors and be part of incident management from platform point of view.
  • For last 9 months I gained further internal certifications that let me approve non-standard operations of fellow Platform Operations Engineers, mitigate and investigate complex networking issues (e.g. peering), deploy network-wide configuration changes as well as serve as backup Technical Incident Manager (company-wide, up to Sev2).

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