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Cloud Engineer, Grand Parade part of William Hill

Basic info:
  • Start: 2021-02-01
  • End: 2022-09-19
  • Location: Kraków, Poland
  • Company: Grand Parade part of William Hill
  • Team: Infrastructure & Cloud Tooling Team
  • Position: Cloud Engineer

I took the internal opportunity to transfer to a business area more focused on cloud (both private on-prem one and AWS) and pure systems’ administration to advance my career. The areas of work in Tooling Team included:

  • shared services used in on-prem cloud including orchestration (Puppet and Mesos masters), key-value storage, network and firewall controlling APIs, as well as internal tools for developers; systems were deployed from IaaC - Puppet
  • decommission of aforementioned on-prem cloud - sunsetting, coordination with users etc.
  • Docker Registry and artefact storage (mixture of on-prem solution with public cloud, later migrated to cloud-native cluster)
  • company Git server infrastructure, configuration and support (first on-prem, later migrated to SaaS)
  • company-wide code patterns for both IaaC with Terraform and CI/CD pipelines

It is important to mention that AWS networking and account governance is handled by a separate central team, therefore my experience gained here is focused mostly on compute and storage related services.

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